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Written By: Coach Outlet - Jul• 17•13

These designs are not isolated instances though. The organization of the Expo was preceded by the production of a book entitled “Design Italiano per la Sostenibilità”,coach outlet online sale 2013, this too under the technical co-ordination of Marco Capellini and featuring Indesit Company with another eight products (three fridges,coach outlet online sale 2013, an oven, two washing machines and two dishwashers).

The book should be referred to by design enthusiast looking for inspiration where it would seem there is none to be had. The book, like the exhibition that presents its contents in 3D, is in seven sections: domestic appliances, heating systems, furnishing systems, furnishing accessories, recycled materials, lighting and vehicles. Each section has an introduction explaining the main environmental issues involved: water savings, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, recycling, efficient lighting and transport. By providing information on the market for products with a low environmental impact, the book and the Expo aim to guide consumers towards a more rational use of natural resources, including energy and water, and thereby boost demand for environmentally sustainable products,

There is more! The book is accompanied by a video produced by the Environment Ministry in collaboration with RAI Educational. Various aspects of Sustainable Design are explored in interviews and commentary and a focus on certain household products,coach outlet online sale 2013.

Sometimes we find beauty in the strangest of places. One such instance beautiful and sustainable design of three Indesit products. Three products from the leading white goods maker have been chosen for the “Italian Design for Sustainability” exhibition organized by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Territory and Sea on the occasion of the High Level Forum on Low Carbon Technologies (Trieste, 3rd – 5th April) ahead of Italy’s presidency of the Environment and Energy G8. Taking place from 2nd to 14th April in the Salone degli Incanti (former fish market) in via Nazario Sauro in Trieste under the co-ordination of the architect Marco Capellini, the Expo will showcase the capacity of Italian companies to integrate respect for the environment with innovation and design.