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Five ways show you to distinguish an authentic coach bags?

Written By: Coach Outlet

Coach is different from other international brands, continue to adhere to the high cost of hand made, also continues to introduce high quality raw material, Coach has been to practicality and durability of leather for their mind, to achieve a balance between traditional and popular, and maintain the price level, is very suitable for fashion aristocratic luxury brand. It is precisely because of this, the Coach across the street, so how to identify the real and false Coach bags, you must learn to.

I.Coach Logo

Genuine Logo parts, color of the more obvious, with black and white as an example. Imitation will be close to black and gray, while the authenticity is close to black and white color, reason is the number of needles of different fabrics, genuine is dense, and the pin number imitation is not so it seems the color is dark.

II. Zipper

Coach package Lippi seal the words are very clear, zipper some YKK words in the above (mostly small packets), zipper color uniform quality, if it is a circular ring, there will be a small protrusion delicate juncture.

III. Geographical description

Coach bag most has a leather product number and origin, the text part of the leather is pressed very clear, and imitation of the imprint is very shallow words very fuzzy, and each bag is a type of the one and only.

IV. Leather

Leather part is the most recognizable, because Coach leather has a thick skin, and the leather after special treatment, so the taste and general leather somewhat different. General imitation bag leather is hard, the larger capillary pores, so some leather will not mean and fluctuating situation. Coach each bag edge are carefully trimmed, shoulder straps will be to seal edge, does not appear phenomenon of rough edges.

V. Seam

The Coach package workmanship is exquisite, seam uniform stitches, not imitation bag running line, short-term, jumper, uneven stitches or interval is too wide.